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Esselunga has a new General Manager: Sami Kahale, formerly of Procter & Gamble

Esselunga has a new General Manager, the first since the death of the founder Bernardo Caprotti. The Retail company is well known as a perfect organizational machine, from its inception it has been structured to always produce maximum profit: 151 stores, two warehouses in Lombardy and Tuscany and a very organized control of the territories. If such a globalised world did not exist, it would be a company capable of walking on its own, and remaining the absolute performance leader with excellent balance sheets.

But the reality is very different, the world is globalized and above all, increasingly hyper-connected; the giants that are entering the mass retail market have already disintegrated various markets in which they have entered (Amazon), and the great worlds Retailers (WalMart and Carrefour above all) have already structured themselves to respond to any threat.

Within this global framework, once it has been established that the destiny of Esselunga is not its sale (as the founder wanted), the primary need is to innovate and they are convinced that the right man to face these challenges is Sami Kahale, an engineer of Egyptian origin and long resident in Italy, who for the last 33 years has worked at Procter & Gamble with roles of increasing responsibility at national and international level, up to the position of managing director for Southern Europe.

Last year the company started a series of financial actions aimed at finding new resources for development and launching the process for listing on the Stock Exchange which is expected by 2020. In this strategic framework, last summer the Esselunga board gave the go-ahead for a share reorganization that led to the issue, in autumn, of the first Eurobonds of the group, worth a total of one billion euro, with maturities of six and ten years.

Now is the time to capitalise on investments. “The appointment of Kahale goes in the direction of strengthening the group’s management, with a person of great breadth and international vision, gained in one of the most important companies in the consumer goods sector- Carlo Salza, the actual Esselunga’s General Manager commented -. We are confident that these experiences, together with the skills already present in the company, will constitute a unique asset on which to build the future of Esselunga for the next few years”.

It is certain that the first activities that the new General Manager will have to undertake will be those relating to the modernisation of sales outlets, as well as the growth of the network.

In addition to investments made in the physical network, the group has already accelerated the development of the e-commerce channel, present since 1999 through the firm will of the then General Manager Giuseppe Caprotti, but incredibly never more in-depth and updated according to the needs of modernity.
From June, Sami Kahale will have the opportunity to manage the most efficient Italian group in the mass retail market and try to improve the quality of the company.


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